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3NX Monofilament Fiber


Reaffirming its commitment to innovation, MONDO has developed the fiber 3NX. A filament with exceptional characteristics that perfectly reproduces natural grass, resulting in increased strength and maximum performance. The results have allowed for improved biomechanical properties, sustainability, duration and the quality of the new filament.


The  3NX Monofilament Fiber owes its special characteristics both to its innovative chemical composition and its specific morphology.
3NX is based on a new polymer, which gives the filaments greater resistance to breakage and wear.
In addition, it is equipped with a cutting edge UV stabilizer, which significantly improves its resistance to solar radiation and is lubricated thanks to MONDO's NSF technology that minimizes the abrasion on the player.
Thanks to the semi-concave shape with triple 270 μm thick asymmetric spines, the  3NX Monofilament Fiber filaments offer a high degree of resilience or dimensional memory.
This significantly reduces the wear of the fiber and produces better performance in terms of rolling and bouncing of the ball.