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MONDO R&D centers developed and improved special fibers that can guarantee quality, performance and durability of the Mondoturf systems.
MONDO produces directly all its fibers in order to meet the athletes’ needs.


Slit-film, with a reduced fibrillation pattern and a new polymer, is the new generation fiber that provides durability, performance and playing characteristics similar to natural grass.

New pattern of fibrillation

An exact sequence of long and wide length cuts improves the aesthetic of the grass field while greatly increasing the durability of the fiber.

The fiber looks and feels like a monofilament fiber, but the turf withdrawal force is not compromised.

A better molecular alignment and a straight line molecular direction provide dimensional memory and a greater capacity of recovery. The new molecular structure contributes to the durability and the performance of the fiber; the fiber feels soft and has a greater elastic memory that ensures that the it will retain its appearance and will not deform even after many years of use.


A new UV protector additive is also incorporated in the process of extrusion of the thread to substantially improve the resistance to atmospheric agents such as ultraviolet rays:
• gives a greater protection to the polyethylene
• allows a smaller wearing down of the turf fiber
• color is safeguarded for a longer period of time maintaining unalterable its technical characteristics